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I just noticed something today. You know the old saying, ‘you lean something new everyday’ and what good is anything unless you can share it? Of course for the spam bots, and web scanners that doesn’t help, but for you few folks who read this it can.

Anyway, I am always on the lookout for improvement. I am an average dude who has done some wonderful things and some not so wonderful things. I got some serious issues (the least of which is my writing skill, but that’s for another day). So in my never-ending quest to discover the root of my issues and then, find a remedy for them, I have stumbled upon something today. So here it is…

Now let me first qualify this by saying it obviously wont work for everyone or for every issue. However it seems to me to be a very good starting point. So I am on the train today coming from the job-spot and just chillin, waiting to get to where I want to go. Now on the train hops a stunning young blond with a poodle, Paris Hilton style, cradled in her arms. However she looked at least a decade too young for me and so I decided to look out the window. Quite honestly, I looked her up and down and moved on.

Now, next to me was a man at least 15 years my senior and there were two train officials standing in the gangway right across from us. All of these fellas started ogling the girl. It was so much that I even felt uncomfortable. The one train official seemingly did not take his eyes off of her. The guy next to me tried to look out the corner of his eyes, but since I thought he was looking at me, I looked at him square in the face and spotted the charade. At once I thought, ‘a blog topic about staring at folks…’.

Then I thought about earlier today when I was just reading about a television personality who had committed a heinous act, and I was reading the replies to the story. He was soundly condemned by everyone, they all in agreement that he is a scoundrel. Now I thought back to a post where I wrote that “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”, or something like that. I was thinking about posting a comment linking it to the post on this blog. So now fast forward back to the train trip…

I was appalled at the brazenness of these fellas, and I was thinking of lambasting them on my blog. I was truly disgusted. However, earlier in the day I never wrote the forum posting because I thought, “hey dude, you are guilty of the SAME DAMN THING”. When I thought that earlier in the day, I needed pause and took a quick walk outside to think about the implications. I am in fact a scoundrel, I thought to myself! Thank God I am not famous or else everyone would know my business instead of the few people who actually do. SO when I was on the train and thinking ‘poor girl’, I then realized that I have ogled until there was drool falling out of my mouth as well…

That’s when it hit me. It had to happen to me twice in one day, and sure I am humbled, but if you see your behavior on someone else, it may just cure you. Now of course that is nothing new. Also, you have to be aware of yourself to really understand that you are looking at yourself. At any rate I am determined now to never repeat the two kinds of behavior that I read about and saw today. I think the kicker was the level of disgust I had when I was reading the article, which forced me to go outside and think about who I am. Then there was the point on the train where I was staring at the train official who was staring at the girl. I was doing exactly what he was doing, yet I was trying to judge the dude about it. Amazing!

SO, once you know what your weakness or issue is, try to find someone else doing it and think about how you feel about it. Now I don’t think this method will work with something like smoking, or addiction. Like the title of this post says, ‘ONE way to improve…’.


Written by lionoah

June 24, 2010 at 20:34

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