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The Cavaliers are headed in the right direction…

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Okay, so anyone who knows me in the least knows that from several different blogs and forums and wherever I could be heard I have chimed in with my two cents on the goings on of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I said a while ago that Lebron can leave…frankly he isn’t from Cleveland, and heck, I don’t even live there anymore. I had to leave to get my money too, and I am still loved when I go back home. I am however aware that I am not Lebron, but still, if he is gonna go, at least now the Cavs have a future.

Now in this new century, the Cavs have had some at best questionable management. Jim Paxson was just a flat-out scrub, and Danny Ferry for all his Duke knowledge was just a bit better. You would think that a guy who played in the NBA for more than a decade only on guile would know what it takes to build a team. Mike Brown is an assistant coach, or a coach for a team that is rebuilding. He isn’t a championship coach because he doesn’t know a thing about offense. I’m sure he is a nice guy, but frankly Lebron not only wasted his time over the last several years, but his growth was stunted. Lebron needs a coach who is a little more cerebral (and no I don’t mean Phil Jackson). Straight up, Ferry built a team that was mud slowing Lebron down, instead of giving him some wings so that he could fly.

Now its time to move on to the next chapter. As a native Clevelander, I think it is time for Bron to go. The expectations are too high, and frankly he is bigger than Shaq. When Shaq moved, it was a catastrophe, but in his prime he was a beloved athlete. Lebron is 25 years old, and he wont win a championship with Cleveland for at least the next 3 years. That roster must be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Heck, the Cavs didn’t want to trade J.J. Hickson and dude has a warrant out for his arrest. Thats this team as it stands…arrested.

Now Byron Scott? Well, he won a couple of championships around a superstar and guided two teams led by superstars, one of them to the Finals twice. To me though, thats just the back story. The man has character. He fell out with Jason Kidd and took his show to New Orleans where they won as well. He was fired again, even though he has proven himself to be an excellent coach. That makes him tough, plain and simple. Whether or not Lebron comes back, makes a very big difference, but not all the difference in the world anymore. We can live without him.

Now if Lebron decides to hang around, Scott will bring him back to the Finals. That whole Tom Izzo thing was a disaster waiting to happen. Izzo is tough and smart and experienced (although not in the NBA game), and would have been a fine choice. However, I dont see where he would know what it takes to succeed on the NBA level without a few years to know the game. We dont need to worry about that with Scott who will be able to hit the ground running. He knows what it takes to run a team from scratch, with nothing, and make biscuits, or lemonade or whatever you’re looking for. Whether Lebron stays or goes, Cleveland is in good hands absolutely.

This ranks as the best move since Lebron has been with the Cavs. The rejected stone is now the corner-stone…

The man has a clue...more than anyone else we've had


Written by lionoah

July 1, 2010 at 18:59