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I think it was Biggie Smalls who first said ‘and another one’, which is apt because I now belong to the ranks of the naive, bright-eyed, freelancers. A leap, a sprint against time, head over heels, all cliché’s apply. I just can’t see myself for the next 30 or 40 years working to death.

A few years ago I had my first foray into being a freelancer. This was before my first son was born, a fun and exciting, if mistake-ridden time. So ill-prepared(chuckle), I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time on proposals, developing pricing, weak contracts with big holes…all the while working on projects. Even though I now know the answer, the question begs to be asked: what the hell was I thinking? Now don’t get me wrong, before I joined the ranks of the gainfully employed, I was on my way. A few regular customers, the big project every 3 months, enough cash for everything. Precarious it was nonetheless. The aftermath of course is like a dog that has tasted blood, the craving for another bite never ceases. I’m going hunting.

So working for others has run its course. That lasted for all of Lionel’s life (he just turned 3 recently). The thing is I am in my early 30’s and am focusing on shunning the pressure to keep up with the Jones’. I don’t know them, and they don’t know me. I see them from time to time and we wave at each other, but we don’t want to belong to each other. Leaving the comforts of the institution is my challenge. I’ve experienced trial and error and though filled with cliché’s (there’s that word again), there is a picture being painted (1).

Noah, my youngest son, 2 years, likes to drive us crazy with ‘ist das’. It’s a mixture of ‘was ist das’ and ‘what is that’, with a toddler’s typical garbling so it comes out rounded on the edges and puffy on the inside. Anyway, Noah leaves Papa on the couch, and ambles over to mutti to request her doings, specifically, whats cooking. Sporting jean overalls with a blue and red stripped polo, and an open white collar just below the chin. Where his neck ends and shoulders and chest begin isn’t particularly clear. Master of the three-word sentence, Noah steps up to the plate and delivers a stunning if expected ‘ist das’. He receives the polite answer of a mother who has been down this road many times before: nudeln. ‘Ist das’ and the answer all beige and unspectacular: nudeln. Mind you, the suspense is building for me. I am wondering what she will do, because we both know that what he wants is as clear as the question he posed. WHAT, pray tell, will mutti do? A third time, ‘ist das’ and this time, no answer. This volley fired overhead doesn’t faze Noah, but determinedly he asks yet a fourth time. Mutti shouts, in the same manner as she answered in the beginning ‘NUDELN!’. Noah shouts back ‘IST DAS!’ Chuckle.

Actually I began just a few weeks ago after settling the terms for me leaving the company. Unfortunately, I am behind schedule already. It seems that the equipment that I ordered almost 5 weeks ago (along with a payment) has not yet arrived. Honestly though, it has been nice being reduced to the bare minimum of just a mobile telephone, pencils, paper and my brain. At first its a real shock…no information at your fingertips, you actually have to read entire articles in magazines and newspapers. Lots of cups of coffee at the local internet cafe. In this time I have done a ton of reading, writing, and thinking of plans and ideas (2). Once the machines are on the factory floor, I should be as well-prepared as you could be. At any rate, this issue must be solved today (3).

(2) Up to now I have made official (sounding) business plans, pricing and revenue models, projections and service concepts. There has also been some channel development going on. I will chronicle my steps unashamed of missteps in the hope that I can digest my actions as thoughts. If there is any useful information, services or resources you can suggest, could you post it here? Do you have Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? I would love to hear whatever it is you have to contribute.

(3) Today Hotlyne will be getting a visit from a calm, if frustrated man. Time is SO money, ya dig? Yes I understand that I am a victim of Murphy’s law, but at the very least I need dates, responsible persons, discounts, solutions, whatever. Something! I ordered the stuff on the 30th of March and now its May 11th! Thats almost six weeks. The ink read 2-3 weeks, max 4. Its been 5 and a half. You following me?

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May 10, 2010 at 13:05