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Dont just come to visit…stay a while…

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So here I am in yet the 4th city inside of four years…to stay. Sure I have visited some places for a day or a week, but generally I wear out my welcome. I not only wear out my welcome, but I take my time doing it. Today is my first day on a nice project and I am sitting in a lobby full of folks whom I could have fathered. It keeps me young…and economically viable I might add. The thing is, I was walking down the street and I thought about how many people came here yesterday just like me? From that huge number, I would bet that a nice majority either lives here or will be jetting away sooner than I. How is it that I have LIVED in so many cities? On the one hand its cool right? Travel, and culture experience and all that good stuff. On the other hand, it is indeed a lonely existence except for the presence of the Almighty.

My uncle told me a story about how my father took the family car at 13 and drove with a buddy to Tennessee from Alabama. Later in life, he flipped a coin between Chicago and what was then one of America’s cosmopolitan centers. My cousin left Cleveland and was never heard from for like 5 years. One day he just showed up at the door. Then, when I was two, and so they tell me, I took off and got lost only to be found a few miles away from home. Then of course there is Phoenix for 5 years, Cleveland for another year, and Germany for the last 10. Inside of Germany I have lived at least a year in Jena, Weimar, Paderborn and Freiburg for the last 18 months. Now I am in the financial capital of continental Europe…

A few weeks ago when my family and I went to a festival, my youngest son just took off running. I don’t know where he wanted to go, but he was off and did not look back once.

I think he has the gene ; )

The world is your oyster baby boy...