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The revelation of Lebron

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Lebron james is no longer the King. He can be the prince, or LBJ, or some new clever moniker thought up by the bloggers out there, but he is no longer the King. he has given up the right, and the possibility to be the best ever. Though had he stayed in Cleveland, it is possible he also would never have achieved best ever status.

As it stands, he will likely win a couple of championships because there is just way too much talent on one team. Miami should crush everyone. The have the talent and they can distribute the load to three players. Lebron has already won the individual accolades, and now he wants a title. Because he took the easy way out, he will forever be viewed as flawed. His competitive fires will forever be questioned. Though to be fair, who has ever had the kind of pressure that he faced? At 25, he has been hailed as potentially the best ever since high school and who could possibly live up to that pressure? No one, and we are disappointed that the humanity of it all so closely resembles our own.

I almost feel sorry for Lebron. Later in his career after he has won a few titles and is regarded as one of the best of all time, there will be a revelation. He will realize, not that he should have stayed in Cleveland, but that life dealt the young man a complicated hand. On the one hand, as a mere boy he was called the King at every turn. He was anointed as the Savior and greatest hope for a dying region. He was the local boy made good, the one to right the Cleveland pain that has existed since 1964, more than 40 years ago. Also, he was given a flawed supporting cast…

What we should all realize is that while we made this situation to be what it is (what with 12 story billboards, and the adulation), Lebron is the one who will ultimately suffer. Why could he not have had Pat Riley to begin with? Can you imagine if Cleveland had secured the services of Larry Brown instead of Danny Ferry? Dan Gilbert with his infamous letter has shown his astute business acumen, but at the same time his lack of knowledge about the game of basketball (what with the Tom Izzo, Danny Ferry, Chris Grant troika of moves). Lebron was given everything he needed to win, except a supporting cast.

Really, he had no choice but to leave. Dan Gilbert only bought the Cavs because he could see where the cash was going to come from. He has his casino’s in downtown Cleveland, his Asian business partners, and Lebron was the centerpiece. I suspect that Gilbert will make everything work out as he is the proverbial mouse that falls in the milk and churns it into cream so he can climb out. Anyone who takes on an entertainment business in Cleveland must have exceeding business acumen.

Alas, the boy who would be King has been damaged. American society should take a long look at itself and see what it (we) have dont to this young man. He does not realize it yet, but there will be anger, not so much regret, but perhaps bitterness later. Had Lebron been given even half of what he gave (Finals appearance, playoffs every year, one player away…), he would have at least one title. Dude was in a dead-end job, and so he bailed out, like any of us would have done. He did it the way he did because we told him he was the King.

Of course, that’s all over now…

Written by lionoah

July 14, 2010 at 11:30