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Cleveland, listen to one of your own: Lebron is no traitor

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I am a native Clevelander. Yes like Joe Poz said, Lebron really put the hurt on the most tortured sports town ever. People are burning their Lebron jersey’s and I am feeling not surprised…but, I live in Germany actually so I can understand how Lebron feels (no, not really). Joe Poz, no longer lives in Cleveland either, so we cannot really judge Lebron for wanting to be with the best. The truth about Jordan is that he had Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson. If Lebron had doubts about being like Jordan, the way the Cavaliers are constructed basically ensures he wont win a championship anytime soon. Chris Grant, really? Byron Scott is think is a fine decision, but ultimately they need to start over from scratch one way or another.

Lebron is a grown man and I am a grown man, and really I dont have a problem with what he did. I am a Clevelander and I was prepared as Joe P. alludes to. Sure I wanted him to stay, and had they won a championship I would definitely be there to celebrate. We all know too well about how to expect the best but prepare for the worst. As well, the dude gave us 7 years of spectacular play and a whole lot more hope than anyone else ever gave us. Why should he sacrifice his own legacy for anyone but those closest to him?

The Cavaliers acquired such paltry and old and tired players, that it was ridiculous. That they could possibly get to the Finals in ’07 really was a miracle. Scrubs every single one of them with the exception of Antawn Jamison acquired only last year, and he is like 50. Lebron never got his Scottie Pippen, never had a Phil Jackson…heck he never even had a Steve Kerr, or B.J. Armstrong or Dennis Rodman either. The Cavaliers and Danny Ferry failed miserably in creating a team around Lebron. They have no one to blame but themselves. No, we were let down by mere managerial incompetence, which sometimes happens. Lebron did not have to make his move like he did, but he did and that was not cowardly, but rather the smart thing to do.

Must be hard as a 25 year old to carry an entire pained and dying region on your back at the expense of your legacy. Think about it.

No Lebron is not the enemy, though he did not show any tact in the manner that he went about his business. I mean really, on national television to humiliate all those people who really are behind him like that. I say however, Lebron go ahead and get your championships. No you are not in the class of Jordan, but who is? You are probably on par with Kobe, but ultimately you will be remembered like Arod. You will be a rich man, you will become a legend, and the pressure was in fact too great for you to carry on your own. Share the load with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade and allow the legendary Pat Riley to put the other pieces together for you.

Do ya thing boy…Actually though, Good Riddance


Written by lionoah

July 9, 2010 at 09:55