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Thanks Obama…welcome (back) Lebron

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SO the president of the U.S. of A has thrown his support behind Chicago in the effort to land Lebron? Excellent! As a Cleveland resident, I can only say that I am thrilled. Lebron is definitely his own man and exactly what someone else says…well, he seems the type of cat to do the exact opposite. That might be the stroke to do it for Cleveland.

On a side note though, why does Obama feel the need to chime in with his word on every sporting issue. From the BCS, to everything else, and now he wants Lebron to rip the heart out of my crappy little hometown. Hey, I remember when president Reagan said that he wanted for the Browns to beat the Broncos in the 80’s, but that was different. Anyway…

So my point is that Lebron has a mega-ego. He wants to transcend on the level of Jordan, sort of like a Will Smith type of dude. Cool, benevolent, everybody likes him and all that. Well, I think that ol’ Bron is gonna take the opportunity to elevate his persona. Obama isn’t universally loved, though respected, and so Lebron can invite him over for a beer or something when it’s all over. At the same time, in my humble opinion, I think that Lebron can also elevate the profile of Cleveland even more. Think about if number one, he stays in his hometown and is able to win the hearts of all those (like me) who think he is so egotistical. Cleveland would be proud. He of course would bring business and a level of ‘chic’ to the city that hasn’t been there since the 1950’s. Then, to top it all off, he shuns the bright lights and big city atmosphere of the great New York city that everyone is talking about every (damn) day.

Thanks Obama! Welcome (back) Lebron.

My sentiments, exactly!

Written by lionoah

May 25, 2010 at 14:27