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Lebron’s handlers are bush league amateurs

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In yet another angle on the story that keeps on giving, is it not apparent that Lebron is surrounded by amateurs? I dont mean just amateurs, but real scrubs. When you consider the resources (the best basketball player), the blueprint (Michael Jordan) and the time they had to realize their goals and what they have to show for their efforts its clear they are not too bright.

It is clear that they knew what they wanted to do long before they had to make a decision. You dont even have to know what the plan was to know that it was formulated by unprofessional scrubs. Real professionals perform due diligence on a matter and explore every avenue and outcome as the time permits. I mean sure Lebron, you want to help out your high school buddies…so send them to school to get a masters degree or something. Not as if a masters degree is needed, because street smarts and common sense can get you pretty far, but some folks NEED a masters to do anything.

Apparently this is where these LRMR dudes fall. If I look at what they have accomplished, it is minimal. It is all Lebron and outside of that there are parties in Vegas with rose petal filled jacuzzi’s and the like. Young rich people do that sure, but…I dont know, but where is the creativity? Jordan came with shoes and broke ground on something completely new…what do these guys have in the pipeline? Lebron it seems either does nothing, follows what has already been done, or does the wrong thing. Now granted his handlers tend to err on the side of caution, but the few moves he has made have been poorly advised to say the least.

I mean really, instead of rushing and being impatient, they should carefully consider the moves they make. As far as ‘The Decision’ goes all I can say is that they should have handled it better…pure lack of experience and business savvy. I guess I made the same mistakes at 25, 26, 27 but I am just glad I didn’t have to do it the way they did. Can you imagine having to put that on your resume as having organized ‘The Decision’? That’s one of them moves that would send you back to school really quick…

Written by lionoah

July 31, 2010 at 11:04