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Seize the day…or the opportunity?

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Life is a series of opportunities…to do something positive, negative or in-between (…the dreaded TBD). Its better to read stories like that in a book, or see it on a movie screen because if you picture yourself in that situation it looks very positive. However if you live it, that’s another story. There are just so many things to consider…family, roots, career, advancement, the economy and stuff like that. That’s not even nearly the half… no we aren’t talking about paralysis by analysis , but rather a large number of positive opportunities happening at the same time.

The rule I have tried to live by the last few years has been stick top your principles. It’s not that simple either, because your principle’s must point you in the right direction. Even still, conflicts tend to arise. Today we have issues we need to deal with that our parents and grandparents cannot directly relate to. In the 80’s they used to tell us how long it took for them to get to school (10 miles in the snow), and then of course they worked at the same job for like 50 years and got a gold watch. Today, there are ALWAYS wars and a crappy economy, yet companies take better care of their people than ever before. Expense accounts and travel, days off and all sorts of benefits. The flip side of that is that everyone is beholden to stockholders and the markets which have an unquenchable thirst for growth.

Then there are the family issues to deal with. Today, momma has to work at least part-time if you have more than 1 kid. Families with one breadwinner tend to struggle. However, if you have two (children or breadwinners in the household) then there is the issue of quality time. Is there enough to appreciate everyone and to get what really matters out of life? We are bombarded with advertisements telling you to get the house, the boat, take a trip to Cabo, etcetera. That stuff makes it through the filter as well and I might add is expensive and enjoyable. So what are you going to do?

I heard somewhere that the question is one of ‘time versus money’. Either you have enough money to make you and your loved ones happy, or you have enough time to make them truly happy. There is no mathematical equation to figure out the answer. Generally speaking, poverty sucks. Those hippies out there may smile in the park under the sun, but there is likely some serious consternation when it comes to paying the bills and affording some basics. On the other hand, no one likes a ‘rich kid’ for reasons which go a lot deeper than jealousy. Straight up, its a complex issue tha a lot of us need to figure out if we are to be forever happy…

I am reminded of what King Solomon of ancient Israel said thousands of years ago, and I paraphrase…the conclusion of the matter, everything having being heard, is fear the true God and keep his commandments…for this is the whole obligation of man’.

Written by lionoah

June 3, 2010 at 08:33