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Another post on the “Great Oil Spill of 2010″…

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For the last few weeks, and for the foreseeable future America and the world will be talking needlessly about the Great Gulf Oil Spill of 2010. It seems some folks out there are thrilled that there is yet another fire to put out (and that hopefully the fire trucks will have their name on them). Some of the questions are: ‘who is to blame’, ‘the political implications’, ‘why is America still drilling’, ‘what this means for policy’ and on and on and on. All of those are valid if immaterial questions. The thing is, while most people have an opinion, it is out of their hands what to do about it. Sure, Americans can vote for politicians who can make changes in policy, and protest, and write blog posts such as this one. There are a number of ways to express your feelings and influence what the final outcome, or rather, influence what the implications of the oil spill will be. However, the point of what is most important has not been missed, but rather given short shrift. It does seem, that blame and credit for the spill and its implications have become prime political capital.

My point is that the “Great Oil Spill of 2010” is a man-made disaster. We need to clean it up first. A suitable metaphor for this catastrophe seems to be a malpractice lawsuit against a doctor because someone has lost their life or has endured severe damage because of the mistake of a highly trained professional. Of course, another very important issue is that of the lives lost…we mustn’t forget about the families that lost loved ones on that rig.

To address the point, we have to realize that we are human. We make mistakes and sometimes others are hurt because of those mistakes. We get tired, we make errors in judgment, our minds drift, or we push the wrong button on occasion. We just need to clean up this thing, investigate to see what happened and so forth, but acting as if ANYTHING on this planet is perfect is the height of presumptuousness. I don’t want to hear anymore about who is to blame, and why and what and so on and so forth. The time for that will come. We all are merely out here doing the best we can. We all make mistakes every single day that may or may not cost the lives of people, but mistakes, yes we all make them. We all have blood on our hands. No need to go acting as if any of us are excluded. The only thing that separates any of us from those operating the rig in the gulf is that fortunately, most of us have jobs that do not directly put ourselves or others in dangerous situations. We should be glad that there are people who do that for our needs.

We need to first focus on cleaning this thing up. Everything else that can be said at this point is merely grandstanding by politicians and ambitious personalities. The only real concerns should be that the wildlife and that people directly affected assisted in the way they require. All of that other conjecture will eventually be settled one way or another.

Bay of Camphece blew out on 3 June 1979 causing a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico


Written by lionoah

May 18, 2010 at 10:47