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The Hip-Hop Life…

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You know hip hop. Plays on the radio all the time, and that’s what the kids with the baggy pants, low-pulled caps and colorful brand of attire are doing, or wearing. Oh yeah and its on television all the time. You’ve seen these folks as delivery boys, serving food in Mickey D’s, sweeping floors, but also as actors in movies, record label moguls, entrepreneurs and millionaires many times over. Of course there has been the hip hop ‘beef’, its been described as a way of life, and its language pervades just about every culture on earth. That aint new though. Frankly, rock was doing it before that, there was Jazz before that and then there was the classical style which united European aristocrats long before.

I have mentioned that I get around quite a bit, and I was born in a white-flight suburb(read: 90% black)  in the late seventies when hip-hop was just being born. SO I got in on the ground floor, totally immersed in the music, the lifestyle, the clothes, shoes and everything about it. Frankly, I left the music a little more than 10 years ago (as well as most popular music). The thing is we all keep to the manner and style we have as teenagers. Sure everyone puts on a collared shirt now and again, and might even rock a suit to a wedding or a funeral, but generally those styles are for special occasions and the aged. Next time you are walking on the street, look at some old folks and imagine them wearing the same style you see with your eyes 30, 40 or 50 years ago.

We’re (gen-X) the same way. Now not all of us were listening to hip hop, but along with grunge and indie rock, hip hop has influenced popular culture immensely. Okay so I’ll get to the point. Whenever I travel, I generally dress and act my age which is older than 20 and younger than 40. That can mean a polo shirt and Levi’s, or khaki’s, sandals and baseball cap. It can even mean the time-tested, 3 buttons on the beach flavor. However, I gotta say that I am never more at home than when I’m rocking baggy jeans, some Nike’s or Timbo’s fresh out the box, and a crisp, over-sized T.

The thing is, when I wear what I am most comfortable in, feeling my hip hop roots, I tend to see it everywhere. In Europe, Asia, Africa and most definitely North America. I would imagine it’s everywhere else too. The nicest part about it? Sometimes I’m on the streets with too much on me (electronics, cash, various valuables, etc.) and no one can tell the difference. Now some may argue, why not look like what you earn or some other class giveaway. Frankly, I like to be underestimated as it allows me to blind the unbelievers with my brilliance (that was a joke). No, I just like to move incognito. I saw two people leaving the front door of my accommodations today and they looked SO much like tourists. If they wait around until the sun sets, there is a good chance of them getting robbed at knifepoint.

Me? If push comes to mask and guns, at least I’m rocking my Nike Air Force 1’s (you know, to run)!

Yes, the fella still keeps it so fresh!

Written by lionoah

June 7, 2010 at 21:46