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Christiano Ronaldo is not a leader…

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Just watching the beautiful game and trying to understand. I am here to looking for excellence after reading a story about Lionel Messi. As many football games as I have watched in this world cup (about half) I haven’t (yet) seen that individual, signature moment. In the article above, Joe Poz wrote about how he sees football as similar to baseball. That may be the case, because the beauty must really be appreciated. It seems as though a fundamental basis of understanding of the game must be in possession to really and truly understand when a beautiful cross has been executed. I have in fact seen some fancy footwork, but when someone asks ‘what do you know about football’, I just tell’em ‘not a whole lot’. I’m being patient though…

One thing I know about however is leadership. I played organized team sports in school and in my early 20’s. I love sports and that’s why I am watching the world cup now. Eventually my boys, growing up outside of America, will eventually want to know what’s going on and I need to be equipped to teach them something. If I can never explain to them the tactics involved, or the right way to execute a header or corner kick, there is something that I can add. I can tell them about Cristian Ronaldo and how as talented as he was, he could not bring his team anywhere.

I predicted that Spain would win, though I hope for other reasons that Portugal wins. What I see is a petulant superstar who easily gets upset and doesn’t just go about his business. He has made some fine decisions, kept the defense guessing, but he is the captain of the team and he is letting them down. The thing is, in a team game the best player at half speed is sometimes better than everyone else at full speed. By all accounts Ronaldo is one of the best in the world. However, I don’t see it. Number 2, his insistence on pouting, his lack of teamgeist leaves his team lacking. At first I was just wondering if the guy was just playing shark in the water, picking his spots and perhaps that is the case. However with that armband on his sleeve, you can only hope that he puts forth a stronger effort in the second half.

Looks like prima, smells like a donna...

C’mon dude…

UPDATE: Spain has just scored a goal and looks like they have some serious momentum


Written by lionoah

June 29, 2010 at 21:53