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January is the new Fall

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Today I called a taxi to take me and my sons to kindergarten this morning…we were running late. He got there pretty quickly, we go down and wer’re on our way. The taxi driver and I had an interesting conversation about the weather (aren’t they all!). Its like 7 celcius and maybe 45-50 fahrenheit in the middle of January. It rains a little and the wind blows, and I remarked ‘yeah, it only gets warmer from here’. I thought it was hella strange to see a fly in my crib the other day.

Later, I leave work for a walk and…man, it’s beautiful out here today. My pictures are simply the contrast to what I know January to be. Maybe in 100 years someone will look at these fotos and say ‘that was the beginning and they didn’t even realize it’. Anyway, here are some fotos I took as I was walking around Jena today. You’ve seen them all before, but there’s some stuff I haven’t yet gotten thats’ here…

This is when I’m walking out of my holistening to Amy Winehouse. Poor girl, I been listening to her a lot lately. Nice sober, funky mood to get out there, as they say.

The picture below is what I see from my terrace…I think it’s nice how everything looks like it was here when the earth was formed. It fits together so nicely or…

So yeah everything is kind of dark but not forever. Anyway, I needed a target of where to go. I’m American so I want to go and look at some old stuff…because we dont have any old stuff in America. Maximum 400 years old and that’s maybe a rock, or a hill but no homes. I like how they line residential areas with bushes though.

There is a building around here that looks like a castle. There are plenty of those around here and you can see them in my photos section on Facebook.

Notice the berries.

Nobody is going to do that though. On the way to Castlevania, I was strolling and my breath was snatched away.

Dont you just love when a picture is framed by beauty?

I just stood there like, there is no way I’m going to lose this one. EXACTLY what’s in my mind I’m gonna GET IT and show it. I guess only time will tell.

I finally reach my target the castle.

Yeah, it’s not as spectacular as I thought because I didn’t plan well enough or something like that. I guess that’s why there are professionals and people like me. Makes you be thankful for memory.

So I have reached where I wanted to go and then suddenly this building just kinda slapped me on the forehead like, slap “WAKE UP”. No, like seriously. Seen it a thousand times, still I was shocked…

I have to say I aligned that one quite nicely. I noticed when taking these kinds of pictures, the little screen on the back of my camera is pretty much useless. I can’t make out the contrast and the color and the saturation and all of that. It’s like I know what I like, make the setting and shoot. I was looking at stuff the whole time and it was like, in the UNIVERSE of what I wanted…everybody should take a few pics now and again.

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January 6, 2012 at 15:30