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The real cost of living in New York City

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How many people do you know from New York City? Of course we all know a few and they are sincerely a curious bunch right? Now I come from the third-world NYC, also known as Cleveland, Ohio. Now everyone the world over understands that Cleveland is the biggest loser city on the planet. In fact it’s such a loser palace, that its more the size of a town today (pop. around 300,000 and falling). This is however about New York. Now, honestly I have only been there twice…once when I was too young to talk, and again when I was just cresting the double digits. Nothing memorable really, except Horseshoe Falls, and a lot of ‘are we there yet’. Of course New York is the finest city in the world offering everything anyone could ever want. I think that might in fact be part of the problem…

Of course, if you have ever met a New Yorker, you know that they in fact are a different breed. Generally they have high-pitched voices because of constantly having to ‘be heard’ and being cramped for space tends to compress their chests. Hence they all sound like they are talking through their noses. Nice people, but they are so pushy, running around and back-stabbing, imagining that the world is out to get them because in New York it must be that way. If you can make it there, you can’t make it anywhere, because they cannot survive at the normal pace of humanity. It isn’t fast or cutthroat enough. Ever seen a New Yorker try to integrate into a regular community? I sure have, and one of them is one of my best friends, but she was losing her mind, fish out-of-water style. She doesn’t live their anymore, as God has called that sweet woman to peace. They like to live life on the edge at all times like most Americans, but for New Yorker’s it is extreme! They don’t watch the grass grow because grass doesn’t grow underneath skyscraper shadow. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great place to visit, what with Broadway, Madison Square Garden, The Met, the cultural quilt and all that. I will probably take a trip there this summer in fact.

The thing is New Yorker’s are surrounded by greatness, and so the other 7,999,999 people living there have serious issues. No matter what you do, unless your name is in lights or on the front page, you are a fraction of a whole number, a.k.a Mr. Nobody. Imagine if you are a Harvard grad…in New York. Anywhere else in the world you could have a very good life, but in New York you pretty much have to be the BEST of the best or else risk living in an efficiency apartment (500 square feet) for 3000 dollars a month. Never mind that a bottle of brew at the local watering hole costs a Jackson and change. On top of that you gotta share living space with roaches and rats at that price. If you are a pretty good sax player, maybe a few releases, magazine articles, etcetera, think you’ll be getting a top-notch gig at the Cotton Club or the House of Blues? Well fella, the line starts around the corner and there are 2000 pretty good sax players who were waiting in line before you. Good luck! Want to go out and grab a table at the chic, hip, restaurant in Manhattan, or how about going to the 40/40 club to see the superstars perform, or maybe take a Sunday drive through the city…all of that is problematic for the rest of us who aren’t superstars. Think about it, if the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City can’t get a table at a restaurant -and she was a columnist with her FACE on buses- what earth and water are you going to be moving when you get there? For Lebron, Jay-Z, Will Smith and the gang, it’s not a problem of course.

For the bottom 99%, its damn near impossible to realize all that the city has to offer.

Great place to visit...but I wouldn't want to live there!