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PC vs. Mac 2010, the classic ‘tool cult’ crusade

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So recently I have been looking to purchase a new notebook, and of course one of the questions is ‘PC or Mac?’

Have you ever researched this online, or asked your friends, or posted questions on different forums? Its crazy isn’t it? People quickly get away from real discussion and the battle takes on a truly religious fervor. People are calling complete strangers idiots and telling them they should do some research. Others still tell those who told the one guy to do some research that he should in fact do some research because he a f***king idiot who is brain-washed yada yada yada…

Meanwhile there is some substance, but you have to dig so deep to find it. Sure, most of the people are likely very intelligent and capable (obviously, because they dont believe they could be wrong and dont understand, which leads to anger with others who dont see things the way that they do), but have no clue how to communicate that intelligence they posess. Its a shame really, because it diminishes the value of the interwebs when the stewards and experts who have the most to contribute cannot tell you anything about it. That is, without the issue becoming so passionate that any semblance of humanity leaves the discussion.

What is it with snobby inanimate object cults anyway? Why are those who are the most intelligent among us the least humble? How many forums have I seen where someone asks a question and apologizes before even getting to the topic? GEEZ! People arguing over the Vaio S series and Dell Latitude and Macbook Pro are like monkeys arguing over which type of tree branch is better for cracking open nuts. I dont want to be one of those people who end their sentence with “…, PEOPLE!” as if I am the oracle, but really. I asked a friend years ago about her Mac and she was like, ‘I am never going back!’ and I was like “why” and I dont remember the answer. I guess after researching the kind of machine I will buy I have found a great deal of unreasonable people out there who dont really know what they are talking about. A lot of people who saw some cool dude in a commercial wearing jeans in a coffee shop and made a decision based on that image. The thing is they see a color, or a picture in their heads of some philosophical ideal, and unable to articulate it, they scream, curse and devour.

Now I dont mean to knock Apple’s business model because frankly it is as old as dirt. The thing is they have convinced some who would be leaders, that they are mavericks and rule breakers when in fact they are just following one rich dude. Now dont get me wrong, Apple has some outstanding products as do many PC makers, but at the end of the day the difference is not as big as some would have you believe. Basically there are thousands upon thousands, millions even who have purchased an Apple product solely because of an illusion. You mean to tell me that there  is nothing else to believe in than a guy trying to make some money? Or a cool commercial?

I had a buddy tell me years ago that he was ‘analog’ instead of ‘digital’ and he explained it to me, and it was apparent he thought that was cool. I did as well, but that along did not make me think more of analog  and acoustic musicians than those with a purely digital pedigree. Now its one thing to have a preference for one thing or another, and then its a complete other thing to call someone an idiot because they dont think like you do. I dont recall Charlie trying to proselytize his point of view, maybe he was but  more than anything he was going to demonstrate what he meant to me.  I guess that is what everyone does, but some demonstrate with a club over the head, and if that doesn’t work, well, how bout another…

So now I am a anti-zealot zealot. I just read so much, how to put it…foolish, foaming at the mouth rage that it makes me want to make the world a better place, or maybe just vent. Not as a philosopher though. The Mac vs PC argument is fairly easy to settle if you are honest with yourself. Look at the facts, consider your resources, factor in what you want to do.Take your time and ask your friendly neighborhood genius (thanks Daryl!).

A lot of the people who are fervent devotees of either cult may have delved into the substance, but the image is what excites their passions. Look through all of that because if we ‘re talking about religion, the attitude does matter, but not in regards to a tool. Mac vs. PC comes down to time vs. money for me and I could tell you what I will get, but you dont care. AT the end of the day, it wont make my kids love me more, my boss appreciate me more, or improve my performance.

Written by lionoah

November 3, 2010 at 13:13