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Jason needs some Help…

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Introducing DeepScribe

That title will likely scare off the fearful and invite the bold and beautiful. Thats what you are. No I dont want money or anything aside from your opinion and I thank you for clicking through to get to these sentences. There is a futher step I want to ask of you and that is to check out my website

If you are reading this post for whatever reason it means that we know each other. Either vaguely (Frankfurt Hostel, Freiburg, Belgium or music) or perhaps we know each other very well and have been friends for years. At any rate you likely know that I am a freelancer (well, now you do) and I am building my freelance business out. I am just getting started in the web game, and frankly I got kids to feed. I dont want anything but your opinion of the website. I know it’s not worth your time, but perhaps you can provide me with some tips as to how to make this thing work. How to make it helpful and useful and interesting to look at…

There will be many, many changes to this website in the near future, and so I need as much information as possible before I get serious with changing the look and feel, the information, where links and menu’s are found, contact and all that jazz. Surely you know that if you scratch my back, I will be more than happy to scratch yours. Thanks for your time.

Written by lionoah

May 2, 2011 at 10:12