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Zenith of Civilization…the end

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SO surely you have heard that today, May 21st the end of the world is nigh upon us. I hate when people say stuff like this…and dont tell us the time zone. Will the end come like a wave washing from east to west so that 6 pm everywhere the world will end? Or is it New York time (Eastern Standard), the world’s melting pot?

The truth is, the world is coming to an end one way or another. It’s just sensible to think that the way we live is not sustainable in no way shape or form. As the guy in Matrix said, we are at the zenith of civilization. I think what that really means is that we can send pictures just about anywhere from anywhere. We wont colonize Mars or the moon, but we got great pictures of both!

Another truth is that we are facing problem that will only get worse and one way or another, it is all going to come to an end. SARS and bird flu, tsunami’s and earthquakes, war, murder and the lack of love permeate everything we do. Osama bin Laden isn’t responsible for terror, humankind as a whole is responsible. It’s not just that the news is able to propagate information better, but rather things are really getting worse. I am only in my early thirties, and I can remember going to the store to get stocking hose for my sisters as a 5-year-old. Coffee black. Try sending your 5-year-old around the corner today. Forget about the kidnappers and the certified crazies, the neighbors would have you locked up for putting your child in danger.

Either we will kill ourselves or nature will do it. Some epidemic will come along in the food or the water, or be transported via plane, train or automobile. Then yo have the fact that there are rich people who are trying to get their hands on the bomb. Thats about as deadly a combination as I can think of. Greed is the ultimate commonality of people everywhere, and those who have the will and the means will eventually get what they want…God help us.

Then of course, there is simple human arrogance. I feel so bad for the people of Japan but I like a lot of people had to ask why oh why did they build so many nuclear reactors on fault lines? It’s just like the guy on the Titanic said, “Not even God can sink this ship”. I am in a constant struggle with my children trying to convince them that no, you cannot climb to the top of the jungle gym because you may fall and break my heart. Then you have the Americans and New Orleans and building a city under sea level. Our arrogance will get us in big trouble before you know it.

Think about it. Just about every nation has had some serious issues with terror, natural disaster, pestilence. All in the last 30 years or so. Add to that the general apathy and desensitized nature of us all because every year there is SOMETHING.

Eventually, it’s all gonna get us and we likely don’t even know what it is that will kill us all. Or at the least most of us…


Written by lionoah

May 21, 2011 at 13:56

Posted in culture, interesting, news

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