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The Day of the Orgasm

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Did you know that today (that is May 9th) is the day of the orgasm (google it)? Oh yeah, we didn’t celebrate it…or maybe we did but probably got the days mixed up. Where do these holidays, or rather days come from anyway? Like Arbor Day. I know, I sound like an ignoramus but frankly I don’t celebrate any holidays. Not even my birthday or those of my children (I heard the hush over the crowd). The day of the orgasm is interesting though. Really…

I just saw on some twitter feeds and I guess I am late to the party. Is this the day where we are supposed to really concentrate on appreciating all that the orgasm has done for us. That well, without it where would we be today? It’s one of those rare things though that would likely have supporters of equal measure from both sexes. Not a whole lot for children to do on this day though…kinda like Father’s day or Labor day or something where the kids are not involved, but made. At the same time, it is so clear where our entire culture is today. Isn’t it ridiculous really? What is it about an orgasm that makes me want to write a few hundred words about it…?

Well frankly, it makes me sad (yet again, I know). No but really why do we need a day just to think about something that if taken by itself can cause a ton of pain? There are actually not enough responsible people out there (I’m one of them so I know) that know how to handle looking for an orgasm. Or rather keeping it in it’s proper perspective, and I’m not sure it needs an entire day. Frankly, the sole pursuit of the lives of quite a few is to seek pleasure. If Orgasm Day is a day to appreciate your orgasm, please do it with someone you love. Otherwise you’re just loving yourself at the expense of someone else.

Taken by itself, it’s one of the most pleasurable physical sensibilities animals are capable of feeling, but once it’s gone…it’s…gone! You can get addicted to it, and it can ruin lives and generations if not kept in its place. Of course, the things I am writing here are tongue-in-cheek, but it bears thinking about on your own time.

Crazy stuff…no?


Written by lionoah

May 9, 2011 at 23:49

Posted in culture, interesting

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