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Death just made my day…

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Today I woke up excited about a new project I was starting with a company I worked for some time ago. I’m a little older, a little wiser, a little better off and I’m a father now. The best part of my day? Osama Bin Laden is dead.

As I thought of stepping into the old office and seeing some old, familiar faces and reminiscing about old times, I had my cup of coffee. My 2 month old daughter was getting fed by her mother, and my little boys, 3 and 4 years old, playfully romped in the living room. I didn’t stay long because I had an appointment to attend and so I had to run. I took a few puffs off of my cigarette and whatever guilt I may have had of being a father that smokes, well…at least Osama Bin Laden is dead.

I skipped happily down the stairs to my bike locked on a pole in the chilly, windy weather just outside the door. As I looked up to the heavens to thank God for all that I have, I thought about Gaddafi’s dead son and all the joy that his death has brought to so many. This just after Easter you know, the celebration of Jesus’ last supper. I usually try to share my joy with my friends and family especially my children, but I kept this moment for myself. I mean what could be a better cause for celebration than someone’s death? Especially a man who changed history, and the son of a man who has also allegedly done some heinous things?

President Obama confidently told the world that he gave the order to put a man to death. This man was the avowed enemy of the country where most of my friends and family live. I remember vividly when the World Trade Center towers came down, and me holding back from getting too emotional about the tragedy of 3000 people dying. The mayor of the town where I lived personally guaranteed the safety of all Americans in the town which only heightened my fear. I remember the shock and fear I felt at the London and Madrid bombings, and the anger I felt when the San Francisco airport officers searched through my things and held me up for an hour as if I were a terrorist. I was just visiting friends and family, and attending a wedding. I remember sitting on my bed at night thinking about some buddies that went to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and just hoping, hoping, hoping to God in my thoughts that they would not perish. So many things that we have been through over the last several years…and now it’s all over because of the death of one man.

In my short life, I know that I have done many people wrong, both intentionally and unintentionally. I can remember attending the funeral of someone very close to me, and someone else close to me was at the funeral making jokes and laughing. I asked him about it many years later and he told me something that made a lot of sense to me. He said, when he dies he doesn’t want anyone to feel sad over his death. His idea that to leave this world and all the pain and suffering we are party to every single day is about the best thing that can happen to any of us. That the true celebration of life, is the pure unadulterated joy that comes about at death…or something like that.

ON second thought, I dont really think I bought it then even if I didn’t say anything. No, I didn’t find anything funny about death back then, and I don’t find anything joyous about death now either…


Written by lionoah

May 2, 2011 at 23:28

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