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So I’m in a lot of places and in every place there are different kinds of people. Asians, Spaniards, Serbian, Palestinian, German, American, Australian, Korean, Japanese…really just people from all over. One of the things I noticed about these folks is the different holidays. Everyone travels at the same time; because they have different holidays right? Summer vacations, and semester breaks and whatever. I think its interesting anyway, to be in a room full of Indians, and then the next week a room full of Argentinians. It’s crazy how we all are so much the same with very very little making us different from each other.

Well, nationalities make up one part but, well there are also types of people , which is infinitely more interesting. You got old guys, young girls, kids and their fathers, lonely men and their whores, beautiful country girls and their sisters, refugees, students, suits, retirees, company men, coy matrons, man humanity is so rich! However, of course I rate them all from the ones I don’t particularly like to the old men. I love old people, really. My dad was 51 years old when I was born and well, I don’t know what it means really, but old mem have a lot of knowledge. You just look into their eyes and think about everything you may know and figure that they know that to some power, you know? Old people are the most interesting of all people, no doubt…

So my parents being old and basically living their prime in the seventies when I was born…well, the seventies is my favorite decade. I love funk and soul, and that decade even though I only knew it for a short time. The color is an orange brown with a splash of yellow and red tint to everything. A little dirty, vibrant, intense, Ali, Joe Namath, Joe Frazier, Al Green, Marvin, the Doors, Jimi, the Steelers, you know what I’m talking about.

So I’m talking with one of these old folks last night and we got into some serious 3-beer talk. 3-beer talk is just saying nothing with more than 3 beers in ya. So, I’m measuring myself against this old man knowing that he has infinitely more knowledge than I could have, but its like sport. So I’m blapping with him and some Marcus at the bar, by the way old dude is named Pete. Pete’s good people, come from Canada to visit friends, sip the wine and all lat. Like all ex-pats, or refugees, or immigrants or whatever. So homeboy gets into his two wives (since divorced) and we just talking complete nonsense at this point.

So back in like 2000 when Napster was all the rage I was downloading like everybody. Free and unfettered free music and…what have we here? Richard Pryor talking yang? Funny, wild stuff. I can’t tell the joke here cause the medium isn’t conducive to what homey bring. Suffice it to say, you gotta get you some Richard Pryor mp3’s, dude. Money grip have you cracking UP! It ain’t all gold though, but it’s good stuff nonetheless.

So I’m talking to ol’ Pete all of seventy and his three full spoons of Metamucil kicking in the reserves after like 4 glasses of wine. Dude faded. So I say, “you know, the nicest part about getting older is that you can get by on less sleep.” Bartender Marcus and Pete look at each other and Pete’s like, “this guy is talking shit but he don’t know it from apple butter”, or something like that. I retort, “man (in my ‘child please‘ voice, ), when you was 30 back in the day you was really like 25…!” I have no idea why I said that. That took him back though. I could see the 8 millimeter cellulose crank up before my eyes, as dude look just over my head into the distant sky. I’m like ‘damn dude is old!’

So Richard Pryor got this one routine where he talking about how he could get no booty back in the 50’s. And the problem wasn’t so much the girls not giving it up, but more the rubber panties girls was apparently rocking back when. He don’t be raw, but basically dude was Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart, and Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and all that mixed into one. All of them take one aspect of his thing, and make a million off it. That’s black folks for you though. At the end of the day though, Eddie Murphy got a thing where he just pay tribute to Richard Pryor talking about imitatin’ him but all he could talk about as an 11-year-old was taking a dump. Good stuff.

So Pete’s like “man when I was 25 you would wrestle with the girls. Cause ya see, they had these rubber panties that you had to fight with to get’em off!” Now Pete’s an old Canadian white dude, and I’m guessing Richard Pryor must be about 70 if not a little older right? So then Pete’s like “So you’d be fightin’ with those panties and by the time you got’em off you’d be too tired to finish the job, ha hA HA, ha!”

Richard Pryor has the EXACT same routine in my library. Rubber panties, fighting to get’em off, can’t do nothing when it’s done, the deal that Pete said was about him.  Thing is, I was just kind of like ‘whoaa cool, so it musta really been like that!’ Now you know I didn’t say that, but I thought it. At that point I got another brew, rolled a cigarette, and decided to express my self.

At first I was thinking like I wrote…but after a little thinking, now I’m like ‘maybe homeboy heard the same thing I heard?’ As I write this I’m thinking that the good, ol’ ass Pete used to listen to Richard Pryor back in the 70’s too or?

Whats the deal?

...for all that don't know


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January 19, 2011 at 02:25

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