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Why its frightening to be the youngest…

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In life we all have a rank, whether we acknowledge it or not. We are either the biggest, or the strongest, the smartest, or the smallest. There is always some label ready to be taped on our foreheads for our family, friends, coworkers or fellow students to identify us by. Strangers can see it in the way we walk and how we dress and in our pantomimes. One label that everyone can identify with at one time or another is that of the oldest, or the youngest. We all start out as the youngest and gradually become the oldest… I don’t know what percentage of society is the youngest of their family, but actually, that is a frightening prospect.

I am the youngest of seven brothers and sisters from my mother, and 3 more siblings come from my father. being the “baby” sucks for a long time, as it seems that everyone takes you for what you are; the child of the family. It really takes a lot of accomplishment to become a woman or a man and to really feel accepted as a grown-up (chuckle). Actually though some time ago I learned to accept it because I kinda like being the youngest of a rather large family.

The thing about being the youngest is you learn to listen…and also how to tune out. Everyone has more experience than you do, so there is lots to learn. At the same time, everyone has something to say so there is a lot to be tuned out. There is the respect factor, and at least for the first couple of years at least everyone can beat you up. The youngest of the girls used to beat me to a pulp over the television after school back in the day. Then again, maybe it was because I left her freezing out in the cold while sleeping…while she was knocking on the door. Anyway, that’s not my point…

It has been clear for some time now as we get older that I should accomplish the most in life. At the very least that means that I should be the happiest because I have so many people to teach me in addition to my parents, aunts and uncles. Of course we all do, but the youngest has a bird’s eye view in that they cannot do certain things until they are of age.

As for me, one of my older brothers is a mere 27 months older than I, but to me it seems like ten…years. He is my favorite of the bunch, and I wonder how he feels about what I have to say here. Basically, we have the best (worst?) chance of surviving everyone. To be the last one standing from all the people who used to run around in our backyard shooting birds, and water balloon fights and wrestling matches and the like. It is truly a frightening prospect. I know a woman who is now the oldest and is actually the youngest of her original immediate family.

She recently had a birthday turning 70, and her last surviving sibling passed a few years ago. I cannot imagine having to…actually its such a depressing thing to think about. Not so much depressing, but more like where I just feel like I need to show my brothers and sisters so much more love. I probably need to get to know them better than I already do, and talk to them a lot more. The thing is, one of us will be the last of us, and what do you say to that? I don’t wish that on anyone, but at the same time, that will be a painful time for one of us.

Thats a part of humanity that is in fact tragic…not only the event itself, but the chance that it could happen to each and every one of us…


Written by lionoah

July 27, 2010 at 02:46

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