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Starts, Stops and Other Random Spots

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– Cease and desist in making (calling, anointing or otherwise exalting) people who play games for a living “heroes”

– Stop believing in public figures who are public figures by choice

– Dont shift the blame, start taking responsibility (sometimes it is in fact our fault)

– Start living within our means (you can either choose to, or be forced to eventually)

– Include the entire human race, when we say the word “we” (because we are all related)

– Stop believing in political parties (between YOU and POWER what do they care about more?)

– Be happy with what we have

– Stop being greedy (or don’t)

– Start looking within for the answers

– Stop trying to impose your will on others

– Eventually, your behavior will come back to you

– Use all of your senses, not just sight and hearing (there are more than 5 too)

– Start trying to tolerate the diametrically opposed (you may learn something)

– Stop taking words so seriously (they are only words after all)

– Remember that actions speak louder than words

– Dont worry, be happy (the classic)

– Let the kid in you come out on the weekends and vacation (if he/she is still alive inside)

– Stop and watch the bees pollinate (its pretty neat up close)

– Look up at the birds and wonder

– Start reading more

– Listen to you heart, but do what your mind tells you to (your heart doesn’t have your well-being in mind, only how you feel at THAT moment)

– Surround yourself with older people (they are generally wise)

– Find some children to play with (its great!)

– Make a change if your ultimate end is either sex or money (they only lead to emptiness)

– Accept criticism no matter how it is presented

– Be completely honest with yourself (you don’t have to tell anyone)

– Love those who don’t love you back (that goes farther than you can imagine)

– Stop judging people who are not your children (you haven’t walked in their shoes…no, you haven’t)

– Understand that we don’t know a damn thing…


Written by lionoah

July 22, 2010 at 13:52

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