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I know ol Bronny fell off, but was he ever the best?

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Hey wait a minute…was Lebron ever the best player in the league? Now at first it may sound ridiculous because well, he did take the team to the Finals, and dada dada da… I just look at him now, under Wade’s shadow in the interest of winning and it just looks wrong. Think about Dwayne Wade as the stronger player. Wade did in fact win a title and has carried the Heat the last few seasons. Is he the better player now, the Alpha male over Lebron and Chris Bosh and indirectly over everyone else? A player who owns that much cache to marshall forces on two occasions. Wade is the Lebron antithesis…

Lets look at it like this: Lebron in every way has exceeded Wade statistically the last few years. Now, imagine Lebron in his like 3rd year and winning a championship with Shaq. I don’t think Lebron could ever handle the pressure. Definitely not then. He doesn’t have that singularity of focus like the greats to be an absolute closer; getting the shot, the steal, the rebound, the three-point play. His game was more overwhelm the opposition with a precision and talent for the game but still lacking in some refined elements. However, Lebron has not yet hit his prime.

He is too young even still. The heap of expectations the  young man has carried for the last seven years has revealed him to only be what he is: a 25 year old man. Thats pretty young. Wade had been to college and had developed heart and game against the nations best while at Texas. He not only has the talent component, but also the mental part that he developed in college.

Well okay, thats enough of a stream of conciousness rant*. It just dawned on me that something like that could be the case. Its a confusing scenario, and I actually cant believe Lebron is hitching a ride instead of driving himself.

*Doesn’t rant have a cool but revealing connotation when you write it out? It does for me…


Written by lionoah

July 14, 2010 at 23:00

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