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Jessie Jackson, Lebron James and Dan Gilbert

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have you heard what Jessie Jackson said about Lebron James and Dan Gilbert? What an opportunistic idiot. Still stoking the fires of racism and hatred in order to keep his pockets full. These Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton type guys who exploit the feelings of others for personal gain. What is Operation Push anyway? Is it an operation to push the Rev. Jackson into a higher income bracket? The way Dan Gilbert talked about Lebron was not only crazy, but it was a business decision for the fan base of the Cavaliers. Simply something that he had to express (though the vitriol kind of overflowed). He should have kept his mouth shut, or thought about what he wanted to say.

Now Lebron of course did what he had to do. I think most of all we are just disappointed that lebron is not all that we thought him to be. No, he doesn’t want to be the next Jordan, and he doesn’t want to always have to take the last shot. The pressure gets to him, and he knew he would never win in Cleveland. I don’t blame him, but his way of going about everything was pretty tactless. Whatever, this should be a lesson not to take sports so seriously. Why invest time and money and energy and emotion into someone else’s talent, or business, or wishes when it doesn’t affect you? We all are emotional about one thing or another, but we should keep that in perspective.

As far as Jessie Jackson, he knows that if race starts to become a secondary issue (it is definitely first-tier with politics and religion – dividing forces) his pockets thin out. Now, Gilbert chimed in with some irresponsible words and has been rapped on the fingers a bit. However, Jessie Jackson goes and takes it to a new level. The statement (or letter, as it were) had nothing to do with a ‘slave-owner’ mentality. Lebron’s move was made purely for personal and basketball reasons and had nothing to do with race. I dont care about the content, but Jackson’s remarks keep the fires of racism burning hotter than anything Gilbert said.

Thats just a shame…


Written by lionoah

July 12, 2010 at 11:25

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