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I cant explain it when I look at my boy and see my face,

Excited I stare , drool on my chin, my kid I imitate

Love at first sight? thats a game for fools,

But from day one he’s a rebel, always breaking the rules,

when I look into his eyes, they mesmerize crystal clear,

My reflection has a clarity sharper than any mirror,

like a cold drink of water, in the desert on a hot day,

how I feel with my boys at the dock of the bay,

even his tears make me smile, when he feels I’m unfair,

he’s the freshest breath, taken deep of mountain air,

what ties us together is stronger than anything,

and to think,

the whole world is bound together with the very same string!

I remember, it was like a dream before he came to be,

I was partying everyday in celebration of me,

no it doesn’t seem real, that life could be so much better

the forecast for the rest of my life is mild, sunny weather,

round 70 degrees, with a slight breeze,

in the New England countryside, eating sunflower seeds,

straight up, I see him often enough,

but really though,

I’m in the shadow of the valley, I’m a baker kneading dough,

I’m singing to him at the show, ill compensating in my flow,

but only God can judge and yes He definitely knows

my Lio and my Noah are the arrows, I’m the bow,

they mama is queen quiver,

with Ricky and Tonio,

my flyweights, pure love just beaming!

been 4 days and its my progeny I’m needin…

the Flyweights


Written by lionoah

July 8, 2010 at 19:54

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