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A thought came to me a few day ago. I thought about something that has knocked around in my mind for a little while now. Something that I think is very important (obvious or?). Think about when you remember someone, or someone remembers you. Can you imagine how that must feel to sports, entertainment, heads of state, scientists, captains of industry and other notables? It is no wonder they finally turn out to be addicted, dont want to retire, crying and waxing poetic like they’ve lost a family member. From the athletes that just can’t say no to the fame, no to the game, yes. The truth is that they cannot bear to feel normal. It must be quite a narcotic to be famous.

Think about how hard we all strive to be noted or remembered. Most of us strive to be remembered by our family and friends. Imagine how it must feel to know you will be remembered by millions! Now, I write on my blog and get around 40 hits a day on better days, 20 hits on average days. Out of that number, maybe one person over the life of this blog will remember something about IT. SO outside of my family and friends, whoever you are, you are one of us. Hey, notoriety is a cool thing…

Anyway, whoever is remembered occupies physical space, not just in the grave but in the minds of those who remember. We all do something extracurricular right?. Some of us play sports, or workout, or yoga after work. On the one hand, we are just stretching our being, occupying space (but I wont go into that). What I mean is that we leave a trace of remembrance with everyone we meet and wherever we go.  I remember on two distinct occasions where I met a person; one was at Jack-in-the-Box, the other at Burger King. It was around the same time so it stood out. I only bought a sandwich or a drink on both occasions so I was only there for  minute. I met one of them at least 4 months later and the other one around a year later. When I saw both of them they both said they remembered my face. Immediately, I remembered meeting them as if there was something remarkable about the event. In hindsight, it probably just sparked my ego boost from being remembered.

I suppose to be remembered on a massive scale must be a wonderful experience. If Lebron and Favre and Ronaldo need that, well, dont we all. it seems that everyone is getting tired of the NBA free agent bonanza. Of course there is your Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian who mug for the camera’s every chance they get. We live in the age where physical attributes are enough to make you a really famous person. Dont we all know an aspiring model or three? Dont we all know a musician or five? Everyone has the thirst, some have more than others.

Just a thought I had knocking around in the ol’ brain box…thought I might share it…


Written by lionoah

July 5, 2010 at 20:24

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