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The Dimension of the Universe…

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Far too often in our society we are beholden to the tangible. There are a number of statements which are testament to this, such as ‘see no evil…’, ”seeing is believing’, and the like. I however know that there is more to humanity than that. Now you atheists out there, hear me out, I’m not talking about God here. Is there not evidence that there is more to humanity than merely touch, taste, smell, taste and hearing? I mean as far as I can tell there is another dimension that every one of us has access to. Something like how birds see color a thousand times more vivid than we do, something like how animals know an earthquake or thunderstorm is on the way. In fact I would go on to say that we live, not in a 3-D world of length, height and breadth, but in a world with much more depth.

I had a conversation with a buddy of mine years, very intelligent chap and he stated that he thought the 4th dimension was time. Now he didn’t go into it, but it got me to thinking. I started thinking about something very close to me (and most of the world), and that is music. Music is in and of itself a dimension. Now while we cannot touch music, it can in fact touch us. You cannot help but be touched by beautiful music to your ears. It speeds your heart rate, can get you into almost any kind of mood, and can affect you physically in any number of ways. Now I say music, but what I really mean is sound. If the only sense you had was sound, I think it would be a lot more pleasant than it…sounds ; )

There is infinite texture in music, giving listeners sensations that actual physical touch could only imagine. Of course when you hear an ear worm is that not something that has latched on to your conciousness…like a leech that latches on to your skin? If you think about it, can you not hear the difference in air pressure in enclosed spaces, as compared to that of a wide opened space? We speak of music as a dimension frankly, when we say things like ‘wall of sound’, or when we talk about some tangible thing having a ”melodic’ quality…

The other dimension or sense I have thought about for a while is even less perceptible than music. It is in fact very mysterious, and is most apparent when we are excited. However I imagine that this sense that is evident at exciting times, is also there in calmer times. I don’t have a word for it, but you’ll know it when I describe it.

Think about the last time you walked in a room full of strangers and you noticed that what seemed like everyone’s attention turned to you. The new guy. At the same time, only 1 or 2 face turn in your direction. How many times have you been sitting in a restaurant and noticed that someone was staring at the back of your head, only to turn around and confirm your suspicions. Then of course, that old standby is when you got to call someone and the phone rings and that person is on the other end. That never ceases to astound me. Now some may argue that this is only a coincidence. Others may say that there is always someone staring at you for one reason or another and that may in fact be true. However, we also have a sense of when and from which direction that is happening.

I once came across an article that expounded on an experiment where two mice were sent through the same maze both in Europe and America at the same time. Without having the details in front of me, I remember the article talked about each mouse would essentially pick up where the other mouse left off. Think about how children seem to get (book) smarter with every generation. The thing is, we as humans have a, dare I say, spiritual link with each other. We are totally on the same wavelength (for lack of a better way to express this). Now I’m not talking about bending spoons and levitating voluptuous women. Rather, I mean that we possess something within us, that reaches without and connects us all.

I am sure that this particular sense is fairly strong in me. I would add it must also be strong in some acquaintences I know who ‘understand’. This has led me to believe that there are other senses out there that may be dormant or not particularly strong in me. Of course, others have talents and ability which I don’t have and I wonder what others senses are out there.

There is in fact way more to tangible humanity than meets the eye…do you posess an ability or the mere hint of one? Absolutely.

There is so much more than only what we can see, touch, taste, feel and hear…


Written by lionoah

June 23, 2010 at 19:11

2 Responses

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  1. A very well written article and it’s much appreciated. I’m a christian and I am prone to interpret that sense of otherness as the work of the holy Spirit within us. I always wonder how some people do thing almost with no conciense about it, yet for me it’s like holding up the universe, when I clearly know that thing is wrong.
    However in my field of research yes there is a form of reasoning that is wider than deduction but produces a loneness that is shared by but a few.


    June 24, 2010 at 20:06

    • Thanks for reading…Personally, I believe everything has a very good reason behind what it is. Some things which seem like coincidence in fact have a sound reasoning behind them, even if at first we dont understand. I think its pretty clear that there is more to life than just the raw materials (which is worth something like 80 cents…)


      June 24, 2010 at 20:40

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