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Kobe is not as good a basketball player as Jordan.

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I remember when Jordan was playing and he practically never had a bad game. Someone said it very well…Jordan never lost in his prime. Jordan dominated superstars and aside from Pippen, the rest of the Bulls – for both three peats – were merely fill-ins. Jordan beat Ewing, Drexler, Olajuwon never got to face him, a young Shaq, Barkley, Dominique, and practically OWNED the title going away. When the Bulls were in the Finals, they never let the drama get past six games. The established the all-time wins record for a season. The previous owner of that record? The greatest and still greatest team of all time. Jordan beat Isaiah and Dumars. The guy opened the Finals one year with a virtuoso performance by hitting six three-pointers in the opening game. Jordan in the playoffs was like the sun in the sky, you knew what was going to go down.

Kobe didn’t win anything in college. Jordan won the championship at North Carolina. At the career stage when Kobe was learning how to play the NBA game, Jordan was already the best of his class. At the stage of their careers when they were making the playoffs, Jordan was scoring 63 on Boston while Kobe was jacking up last-minute airballs (remember?). Kobe rode Shaq’s coattails for at least his first two championships. Mid-career, Jordan retired, and Shaq was traded away. Kobe missed the playoffs and the Lakers were non-contenders until Pau Gasol came aboard. Jordan had retired, but there was no question that no matter who was put around Jordan that the Bulls would win and make the playoffs.

Jordan won more scoring titles, and MVP’s, dunk contests (as if it matters, but he won against one of the best dunkers of all-time), Finals MVP’s and awards and accolades than anyone. Now, granted the statistics only tell half of the story. Jordan beats Kobe in practically every statistical category. The thing is, Jordan had the same coach and Phil Jackson would tell you in a minute (and he likely will someday) that Jordan was simply the better player. He learned how to share a lot earlier. He learned the team game earlier and transcended the game earlier as well. Jordan willed his teams to wins more than and better than any other player in American sports history. That is to say, no matter what the Bulls did during the mid-nineties, 9 of 10 times Jordan would have won a championship so long as he was healthy (even when he wasn’t 100%).

The thing is there are a lot of players in the greatest of all-time debate, and I aim to end it here. Frankly, I have never liked Jordan because he crushed my Cavaliers two years in a row. He was better than my favorite player Dominique Wilkins, and he knew he was the best. My childhood friend was a Jordan fan, and as dumb a fellow as he was there was nothing I could say to him about Jordan. Collectively we all knew he was the best. Bill Russell won a ton of championships, but he had a Hall-of-Fame cast and there was likely some cheating going on (the Celtics in those days never lost a Sunday game at home, you know). Wilt Chamberlain was statistically the greatest for a long time, but he only won two championships, though he dominated statistically. Magic Johnson won five trophy’s, and was of the greatest players ever, but he doesn’t win six with Jordan’s supporting cast. Same goes for Larry Bird.

Jordan was the greatest. Jordan is the best of the best basketball players of all time. It’s not only about stats, its not only about championships, it’s not only about the supporting cast, and it’s not only about the coach he won with. Jordan put in place of every other player wins at least 1 more championship than that player won. Other players in Jordan’s shoes, might win as many, but definitely wont exceed his total. Jordan was the player whose game far surpassed and exceeded the sum of its parts.

Jordan contest, really...


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  1. Great post. I don’t really like Jordan as well since I’m a UTAH fans 🙂 but i recognize him and respect him because he really is one of the best player ever.


    June 20, 2010 at 02:26

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