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Desensitized – there is a lot of death in the world

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Okay I’m taking myself too seriously once again. Yes, as the title suggests, I just want to remind folks that there is in fact a lot of people dying out there. I just read today about Gary Coleman and perhaps I am late to the news of his death from a brain hemorrhage. The thing is, life is so precious. Sometimes we forget that when we hear about death in Afghanistan or somewhere remote and far away, we tend to just turn the channel or have another sip of wine and go about our business. Which is okay.

My point is that behind those raw numbers, that there is another uncountable number of families and friends who mourn the loss of a friend, a father a mother, a sister a brother, an uncle or someone special. We all have to face death at one time or another, and its okay to take pause to think about the death of human beings. Its terrible really, as if we need to be reminded. The worst is the idea that a person could take the life of someone. There is sooo much news out there about a man or a woman who has been killed by someone else, and lets not even get into war. Take a minute just to put your heart in the place of those who are mourning. The children who have lost or the parents who have outlived a child.

Now all of us are prone to just focus on our life and that of those around us. However, its honorable and decent to think about our brothers and sisters the world over who have lost their life. We woke up this morning with so many people, and many more were born today, and at the same time a great number is no longer among us. Whether they are in the hospital and passed away peacefully with family or friends. Or whether someone died struggling to hold on to the most precious thing on this earth. Dont take it for granted that death is just a part of life, as it actually is. It is sad, and terrible.

If you have room in your heart, put some of that space to use for the people who have died today and yesterday. Dont take it too far lest you plunge into despair, but be sensitive to it. If you can…


Written by lionoah

June 9, 2010 at 20:19

Posted in culture, interpersonal

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