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I have written this blog for about a month now and I recall all the thoughts that I had rolling around in the brain. It was going to be a vehicle for my freelance business, and then a means to improve my writing. Then I thought about using it to keep up with people like my own social network. Then I thought, ‘hey dude, you could post all of those 3 beer conversations and add some sobriety to them and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!’ Woo, that last one deserves a beer or two all by itself. So often we mean well, and start feeling ourselves, and start thinking that people SHOULD give a damn about what we have to say. Sometimes we get angry and intolerant when our viewpoint isn’t accepted or acknowledged. Sometimes when that true genius of yours isn’t recognized (and we all have a genius) we tend to feel disappointed or doubt our ability.

Back up now just for a minute. As my brother used to say back in the day, it ain’t that deep. There was a minute there where I looked at some of my posts and discovered how terrible a writer I am (chuckle). No really, I have some decent ideas and I can express myself very articulately if given more time than I usually have posting to this blog.  There came a point when I thought to go through all of my posts and correct the innumerable grammatical and spelling errors. WHen I found out that there are more important things to do (like play with my kids ), I was still thinking about wha kind of fool I was presenting to the world.

Again…it aint that deep. In this society and culture where everyone wants to achieve the highest status and be the best at every endeavor, and make the most money, and be the prettiest we tend to get carried away. Hell, all of those reality shows has infused society with a sense of I can do anything and anyone who tells me otherwise is a damn fool. Then there is the entitlement where some of us believe that we are owed certain things and without those things we cannot imagine living. Even the last few sentences I tend to take very seriously and think that everyone should understand that. The truth is, we can be just as happy and content with the present things. The past is gone, the future never arrives and the moment we are living in is all we have.

It’s not easy to do, but frankly life is so nice when we think about it. IF we take the time to think about it. There’s just so much to do and so little time to get it done, that we tend to be addicted to news, and social networks and acting our age and whatever that we (me?) sometimes miss the forest focusing on the trees. There are only a few things in life that matter and you wont read about them in this post, but suffice it to say that they are free. If you have a little food in your belly, are relatively healthy, can name at least one person who loves you, you are in pretty good shape. Okay so I did go back on my word not to post about the items that really matter in life…

Live and love and leave it at that…there ya go ; )


Written by lionoah

June 8, 2010 at 20:14

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