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The New Guy in the Office

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We have all been there right? It is quite the interesting situation right? Well here I go finally putting my theory on record…

When you first walk into a new situation, you immediately assess the people who are around you. Your bosses, colleagues and secretaries, support and acquaintances all find a spot on your brain and burn. Our aim at once is to find our role, become useful as soon as possible and exude TALENT. We do this by buying a new pair of shoes, shaving, wearing a collared shirt and that sort of thing. It’s funny that no matter how often we are reminded otherwise, we still judge people based on how they look. Now that’s interesting right? The inner person and all of that is what modern intellectuals should practice, but who of us has not judged a man based on his appearance?

I was pondering this when I began preparing for my fist day on a new project. A fairly transit person, I have put a lot of thought into people and appearance and the what and why.

It seems to me that people don’t know what they want. That is, we don’t recognize what we want on seeing it. The voluptuous woman, or the tall dark man, white-collar, blue-collar, gives us instant signals about what IS. We know exactly what those terms bring to the table even if they are only a small percentage of the total sum. Children don’t care because their values are still in development. The only things that matter to children are ‘can I understand this person’s language’ expressed either through the mouth or body. Essentially kids ask, can I play with this person? If yes, nothing else matters, whether clean or dirty, dark or light-skinned, or whatever. However, as that may be an ideal, it is not enough for adults.

Adults on the other hand need to understand if this person is capable. Capable of trust as the basis for everything else. Trust in regards to emotions, physical attributes, mental stability…but why? Well, it seems that if we had everlasting life it would not matter. With time, everything would be revealed as far as the character of a man. However, we only have a limited time on earth and need to get the most of our time. When you meet your colleagues at work, or schoolmates, or people at a gathering for the first time, you make a judgment based on your values. You values come from the society you grew up in, and these point you in the direction of what can be trusted. Organization, and cleanliness can be trusted. The style of shoe, clothes, speech, posture and manner also are on this first tier along with innumerable other factors. Essentially, we are performing a high math when we judge someone.

Of course, those who are masters at this math generally are successful people. Not successful in a monetary sense, but rather they understand how they should interact and how others should interact. We all have our set equations that we add or subtract to in order to be as precise as possible in understanding the limitations and ability of others. We need to do this in order to spend the most time with those who have been judged trustworthy, and less time with others who are less trustworthy. Or rather, people who are only trustworthy in relative few aspects regarding mind, power, strength and emotion. The successful person is not the one who arrives on the scene with the proper papers or qualifications, but the one who has the greatest number of valuable, trusted relationships. What really matters is that you choose the right reputation to propagate. Being punctual, or reliable is fine and good and very useful. However, being as decent and loving a person is the only thing that matters. It will be reflected in your children, relationships, and your spirit or attitude. Many successful a**holes are terrible people and this tends to come out in the end of life. Nice people in this sense always finish first.

The tip of the iceberg...


Written by lionoah

June 6, 2010 at 13:17

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