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Music ain’t dead…it is alive and well

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Music ain’t dead!

Are we at the peak of civilization already? I mean damn, the music is ONLY rehashed and reconstituted and it sounds terrible. Okay, I understand that I am in no place to be a critic because my writing is also crazy (in a bad way). Still…today I heard on the radio while traveling from Frankfurt a song by Lady Gaga and another song by Pink who I really respect as an artist. Both of those songs will be played for years to come, but ultimately classics seem to be fewer and farther in between. I recently had a conversation about the Music Gran Prix (or something like that) held in Oslo. For the uninitiated, it’s basically a contest between the European countries to come up with the best song or talent or something or other with one song from each country. The thing is, its kinda like Olympic figure skating. The winning criteria is at best questionable, and politics tend to play a large role. Anyway, my point is that this is where music has come.

I had a feeling when I was growing up that a lot of what I was hearing was crap, but at least you could see clearly developed talent and ambition. There was no formula, or pipeline or cardboard cut-outs…(yes I love the ellipse). Musicians back in the day (and I mean up until the mid-nineties) seemingly had an authenticity about them. You just KNEW that they had played in Lodi, Ohio and beat the bushes until they got the proverbial ‘big break’. If you like them, there was no shame. They had real character, or so it seemed.

Now, of course I sound like an old curmudgeon and that is in fact my aim. Sometimes, things are just good the way that they were and don’t need to be changed. Music is one of those things. Music IS emotion, or a story, or passion set to instruments with or without words. It is 3 dimensional, and you can feel it. When you hear some of the musicians today, the music sounds canned. Now sure, we all eat canned and processed food but only because we can’t all grow our own food. However, there is so much music out there waiting to be discovered, but the music oligopoly is not interested. The taste sensibilities of the masses have been forever changed…

My suggestion? Find people who you know who make music and listen to them perform. Find a scene, or a popular local artist and drink deep from their musical talent. Its like micro brew; its made from the same water you drink in your location so it tastes better…for the most part. Personally, I only listen to music from friends and acquaintances. Now, I happen to know quite a few folks who make music, and make music on my own as well…but still. The point is that music IS something special. The kids can listen to what they want and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is an alternative, and I think for anyone to whom music is important…it doesn’t always have to be purchased at the supermarket.


Written by lionoah

June 3, 2010 at 19:50

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