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The iPad…why it makes sense

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Being born in the late seventies, I am just old enough to remember when personal computers were fairly new. I am also just young enough to stay plugged-in to various technology trends. I even worked at a Motorola factory once. That said, I am generally non-too trusting of technology. Sure, I have a laptop, I work in information systems, and I feel funny if my mobile isn’t working right. Oh yeah, this is also my blog. Still, I hate it when I see a device which just looks like a waste of the earth’s resources. I just think that technology should make a clearly visible improvement over what we have, or at least make our lives better or people happier.

Thats a high bar to reach for, and thus far not very many inventions have reached that niveau. This is what I thought of the iPad when I first heard about it and then saw it introduced as the next best thing. I was thinking, ‘why?’ Frankly, there are netbooks, notebooks, iPhone, and all manner of devices of different shape size and performance. However, something popped into my head a few days ago. The iPad has a distinct use, and a very nice one at that, in my opinion.

Now, let me state clearly that I don’t know anything. However, the iPad would be very useful in every office I have ever worked at. Actually, I think you could put a couple of those things pretty much anywhere there is a network and workstations. Think about how folks have to unplug their notebooks and move to the conference room. Or how, there is always the problem of who has access to which information on the network. Think about transferring data per USB. The iPad could solve all of those problems.

I like to write things down with simple pen and paper to try to visualize whats going on. The iPad in such an instance would have an application where a stylus or (gasp!) your finger could draw pictures. Imagine trying to explain something to someone, one-on-one and being able to draw it and animate it as you’re talking about it. They could add things on the fly, and POOF! Knowledge sharing and transfer right there…or? Thats a dynamic benefit because it would save time and frustration (efficiency/productivity) and it goes beyond pen and paper (animation).

Now, I don’t think that you would need more than, say 2 or 3 per 20 person office, but it could be setup wireless on the network giving it access to important info. Everyone still has their notebook or desktop but when trying to explain something or show someone something on the fly, the iPad would work. It could prove very valuable at weekly synch meetings where no one has time to set up a beamer, or Agile and Scrum meetings where information could easily be disseminated. Everyone would take away what they need from a visual representation. It stays in the office. Its used by everyone. It has access everywhere.

That was the plan or?

I can see it there...can you?

I stand corrected:‘why it wont work’


Written by lionoah

May 27, 2010 at 15:17

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