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Law & Order is dead!

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As an expatriate, I am so out of touch with what is going on in America nowadays. Well, if you except that like Rammstein said, the world lives in Amerika which I tend to agree with. Really though wherever I am, at a conference or a meeting or with friends, and people say to me things like “so how is this over there” or “American do it this way huh?” Sometimes I give them what they are looking for, but really I have no clue whatsoever. I read the newspapers, and talk to family, make guesses based on what I knew; but ultimately I know about as much about America today as anyone who doesn’t live there.

That of course doesn’t apply to two things, sports and Law & Order. Lebron and the Cavs lost last night, and an entire fan base is on the brink of collapse. I think that all of Cleveland may just give up on sports altogether. I know I am thinking about it…

What I am talking about though is Law & Order (L&O). I started watching this show when I was an adolescent, when I moved to Arizona as a teenager, and still watch it over here in Germany. I always liked that other people in my ‘freundeskreis’ (circle of friends) also watched this show. I even turned the mother of my babies on to the show, though she used to hate it when I would try to watch. Sometimes I saw on Facebook someone write something like, ‘gonna watch L&O with my baby’. A wry smile would cross my face as very few people in Germany would understand what L&O means. I still had that popular connection going. That is until I read today that Hollywood and I are still at odds in that L&O may be canceled. There are supposedly ongoing negotiations between ¬†producer Dick Wolf and NBC, but actually the show has already died. A decade ago there were twice as many viewers and the show was better. I liked the old cops like Chris Noth before he became Mr. Big, and Jerry Orbach and Sam Waterston. I always loved the format, but then the actors started to change a little too often. Chemistry was lost, I started watching less and less, or rather I would find some lost episode among the hundreds that I missed. Today, I finally found out that in fact the original from back home is on life support, and it is time to pull the plug.

Gawker: Who Killed Law & Order

Jerry Orbach and the gang


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